Dreams of a Mother

I dream that differences will be valued, not disdained.
Eye color, hair color, body shapes, and skin shades will be appreciated for their beauty and variety.
Cultural traditions will not disappear, but will thrive and grow together into a rich and fascinating sharing of knowledge and beliefs.
I dream that blindness will be merely a different way of seeing, and deafness impair only the quantity, not the quality of the language ‘heard’.
Children will matter because they own the future. Their education, academic and social, will become and remain of utmost importance.
Mediators and peacemakers will be recognized as the strongest leaders.
Questions will come from curiosity, not ignorance, and the answers will breed respect.
Knowing each other, knowing ourselves, will lead to knowing that fights and conflicts, wars of all kinds, can cease to be of value.

MOMocrats: Dreams of a Mother

4 thoughts on “Dreams of a Mother

  1. >I love these! I have fun with poems too, trying to create something different to express however I’m feeling. These are really great!

  2. >Your poem about prejudice in our world today, you are right we should judge by what a person is inside and not color. Margaret

  3. >This reminds me of a story I wrote in High School- if everyone was the same and everyone would be treated the same no matter what. Oh what a nice world it would be.

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