Experiments in Pensieve form

I squint through driving snow
Stale engine air provides welcome heat
While we listen to the updated road report.
Cold wind cuts through my thick parka as we take shelter
A styrofoam cup of hot decaf provides welcome relief.
Silver, gold, or red and green
Bring joy to the voices raised in song
On the smooth leather harnesses or long, rough belfry ropes
Jingling and clanging and ringing out the good news
For unto us a child is born!

3 thoughts on “Experiments in Pensieve form

  1. >Kia ora Daisy!

    I enjoyed the penseive. I’m not replying in kind, but in keeping with the mood of your blog, here’s a tribute in sonnet form:

    I look upon the faultless face, the face I love so well,
    A face of many portraits a picture book might tell.
    I see an emblem of embrace encircling rare and prudent care,
    Of charitable sacrifice, auspiciously aware;

    A passionate compassion matching notion with emotion,
    Sheer tacit tireless tolerance underpinning firm devotion;
    Tears, fears, trepidation, shrouding strife’s vicissitudes,
    Stern vexation, tribulation, coping with life’s lassitudes;

    A voluntary servitude, a vigilant commission,
    A ministry of missions stifling personal ambition,
    A resolute attention, ever watchful, ever caring,
    A garland of affection, ever mindful, ever sharing,

    A lover and a mother loving mothering love’s daughter,
    All these gifts came forth with our infant child’s birth-water.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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