Recipe for a Successful School Year

a co-op poem created by sixth grade students during their first week of school

First, place nice teachers in a bowl.
Add well-behaved students.
Fill desks with pencils, markers, scissors, colored pencils, paper, and folders.
Add a couple brains and a Tablespoon of friendship. Add some kindness.
Combine with math facts.
Stir into full desk.
Bake for a year. Take out of oven.
Cut into 30 pieces. Sprinkle with focus.
Serve to 30 people and

2 thoughts on “Recipe for a Successful School Year

  1. >I cracked up at the brains line. The kids did a great job on these. I noticed in both, teachers of the good time (nice and gingerbread) were an important ingredient.

  2. >So true! Every single year the kids show me in some way that it’s important that they have “nice” teachers.

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