The Stockpile: Ten Years Later

based on a poem written in 2002 and “inspired” by Homeland Security

Remember after the Twin Towers crashed?
Remember the panic, the advice
from government leaders
to prepare for anything, everything
by buying

Bottled water, analgesics, thermometers,
Batteries for the flashlights and radios,
And emergency rations, enough to last six weeks or more.

Nuclear Power Plants are nearby,

Viruses are everywhere, and
Quarantine is inevitable.

But now —

Osama bin Laden is dead and his organization
Our economy is in recession, and cash flow is very tight.
Think about it.
Closets packed with canned food,
Over-the-counter meds,
And cases of bottled water?

Shop, yes. And replenish the woodpile, too.
But I’ll buy a bottle of wine
A good book,
Cheese and crackers.
Seeds and seedlings for my garden,

Not stockpiles of panic.
We’ll cozy up by the fireplace,
In our favorite blankets and quilts,
To enjoy each other,
And take care of our family.

We’ll continue living our lives.
Common sense, love and caring,
and family
Make survival after any disaster