>What does Green Really Mean?

>Green is alive.

  • new shoots in springtime
  • leaves emerging from their buds
  • light growth over a freshly dug grave
  • a view of the forest from a nearby hillside

Green is relaxing.

  • a hike in the forest
  • time to watch birds in the park
  • rabbits nibbling on the backyard clover
  • dabbling your feet in the lake waters

Green is aesthetically pleasing.

  • trees that shade an urban street
  • a country drive in autumn
  • the endless expanse of a cornfield
  • flocks of whooping cranes migrating once again

Green is active, not passive.

  • Write a letter to support green legislation.
  • Put up a gypsy moth trap.
  • Weed that garden!
  • Turn the compost — again.

Green means dollars.

  • Buy a fishing pole!
  • Come to the new mega-sports supply store!
  • Purchase your hiking supplies here!
  • You need a new tent this year! Really!

Green is a state of mind.

  • Reduce, re-use, recycle.
  • Save the manatee!
  • Don’t touch that rainforest!
  • I speak for the truffula trees!

Green is beautiful, bright and fancy.

Green is deep, rich, and glowing.

Green is ever present

In all living things.