Thanksgiving in Haiku

Turkey, stuffing, rice
Wine and coffee to wash it down
Then it’s time for pie.

Preparation means
Several days of cooking
Cleaning and and the rest.

When we’re done eating,
The leftovers in the fridge,
The coffee beckons.

Stinky HTML.

Keeps on running my Haiku
Series together.
I put paragraph
Breaks in between each stanza
But they still stay stuck!
When will you let me do this
Right without cursing?

Spring Break R & R

Relaxation is
The true meaning of spring break
Sit down and relax.
Renewal can be
The other part of this time
So get to work now!
I cleared the garden soil,
Moved the cages and trellis’
Enough for today.
Back to relaxing.
Reading blogs, Plurk, and Twitter;
Laptop is my friend.

Haiku Friday: weather

Temperatures rising
Might actually reach zero
Deceptive sunshine.
Makes the world shine so brightly
Yet warms not a thing.
Grateful to be home
Not worried about car’s ills
Just keeping heat on.
Abundance isn’t
Always in the pantry stocks
Sometimes it’s blankets.