Life as Art

“Allow life to write on you and what you write in response will become your art.” -Kevin Honeycutt, educator and artist 

Friend responded: Life writes on us, no matter what.

From Kevin: Whether that writing becomes scar tissue or art, story, music is up to us.

Pondering – what kind of art has life made with me as the medium?


Rough edges

Melded, molded, created

What have I become?


Friday haiku

Sweet bunny still young
Died under anesthesia
Earlier today.

La Petite brought home a new little one a little while after Tiny died. She named him Darwin, and introduced him to Sadie and Peanut. They got along famously. She brought him in to be neutered today, and his heart stopped during the surgery. I’ll share some happy Darwin pictures later on. He was a sweetie, a very loving little furry friend.

Here’s a link to one of La Petite’s photo albums. There are several pix of Darwin.