No more, please. No more.

One by one
Or five by five, they fall.
Another shooting.
Real people. Real people dying, real people killing.
It’s not pretend.
It’s not a video game.
It’s not a reality show.
It’s real. They are real.
Real people with real problems
Who chose an unreal way of dealing with them.
Solve? Not.
Writers didn’t create these characters.
Society did.
And society can stop them.

But how? And when?
Until then, we mourn.
Weston, Wisconsin.
Virginia Tech.
Crandon, Wisconsin.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Kirkwood, Missouri.
And more.
Until the madness stops.

2 thoughts on “No more, please. No more.

  1. >”No more, please. No more.” Your words are echoing, as are your questions.

  2. >This is a true life drama that is being carried out right now even as I write my comments. No more falls on deaf ears to those commiting the foul act.

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