Things to neglect while ill

Cleaning house — as long as no one visits.
Laundry — at least until someone runs out of underwear.
Redoing the fireplace mantle. It’s not green and gold any more, it’s hard to care.
Schedules — it’s 3:00, I suppose I’d better eat lunch before I think about supper, eh?
Cooking. That’s what Lean Cuisine is for, isn’t it?
Changing litter in bunny cage — until I can’t stand it any more
Opening mail — if the pile isn’t so high it falls over.
Socializing — I don’t feel social, no one wants my germs, we’re even.
Quality time with teenager — he’d rather surf YouTube anyway.
Discuss politics — thought takes energy, one thing that really lacking in me right now.
Whining — who wants to hear this anyway?

Chill. Just drink water, take a nap, and all will be well with the world. Eventually.

1 thought on “Things to neglect while ill

  1. >Hi, I don!t know know if my first comment was posted, in case I don!t like being ill either, and you are right things do not get done.

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